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This website was created to gather together all those volunteers and staff who worked with George W. Bush during his term. Why is this important? This is because we give priority to them and we wanted them to see what legacy they had been a part of. Being a part of the solution is not a small matter. For a big nation –a superpower country and the leader of the leaders, it is something that you should be proud of. It is a big deal and we wanted you to know that. Also, we want people to see all the things George W. Bush did for the country. This is because that is the only way people will never forget. We hope that you would be willing to be a part of this journey, a volunteer staff of George W. Bush or not.

What can you see on this website?

Among the things you can see in this website are the accomplishments of the above-mentioned president especially during the Bush-Cheney Administration. We are going to walk you through every policy to give you a better grasp and understanding of what each entails. Also, we opened here a forum for your comments and inquiries. We know that as a responsible and concern citizen, you probably have so many things you wanted to know about and here, we are going to enlighten you as much as possible. So expect that those questions you have before that remained unanswered will already be answered now.

At the forum page of this website, you can also connect again with your colleagues from before if you are among those who worked under the Bush-Cheney Administration. Perhaps, you are among those who are looking for these people and now, you have a better chance of finding them.

We thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your time here.