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This website is really very helpful in getting myselfupdated in the term of George W. Bush. He is my favorite president although I may be a little bit biased since I wasn’t able to see firsthand what other presidents before him did. Not that they made it easy for me to know about it because they do not haveany website like this. As such, when I try to research and many information comes out, I feel too lazy to go over them all. This is the reason why I also love this website. Here, it is very user friendly. You can instantly be directed to the information you want to know about. More than that, there is a forum site where you can leave a comment and other people will politely answer. This is not a war room here unlike many other online review sites where people are throwing profanities to each other. This isindeed, a good place to be.


I am not a staff or a volunteer during the Bush-Cheney Administration but honestly, I am so proud of what they had accomplished. This is most especially after the policies that are anti-terrorists which were made afterthe 9/11 terrorist attack. I thought then that yeah, this president has balls and he was not afraid to fight for his countrymen. This is what made him became popular in the first place. Take note that he only faced this problem not even 1 year yet in his position as the president. You can just see that he was still adjusting in the position when it all happened but he coped. I am not sure that many presidents can do that. Anyway, Bush is really admirable to the true sense of the word. Make sure to check out all the stuff listed here.